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St James Church

DSC_1043St James Church was established in 1953. We are Presbyterian in governance, evangelical in flavour, and contemporary in expression. This means that we:

DSC_1057We are a community of around 150 people who name St James “our church”. On a typical Sunday 90-100 of us gather together – children, families, singles, married, younger, and older. Our motto is – “Enjoying God, Speaking about Jesus, Living graciously”. We understand ourselves to be a community gathered around Jesus Christ and because of this we are empowered to participate in the worship of God and works of his kingdom.

We value our diversity and unpretentiousness – we are a mixture of different yet ordinary kiwis who are trying to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We acknowledge the loving kindness of God, who accepts us in our brokenness, and celebrate the redeeming power of God who graciously works in and through our brokenness for our good and his glory.

DSC_1081On a typical Sunday, we gather for fellowship and worship. We sing our praises to God accompanied by a skilled contemporary music ensemble. We celebrate our community life together, pray together, read Holy Scripture together, listen attentively together to a message inspired by the Bible. And the first Sunday of every month we participate together around the Lord’s Table in Communion.

Our minister Andrew brings most of our sermons. He tries to do so in a way that sensitively and intelligently engages with the text of the Bible so as to make known the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, as all this bears upon us in our contemporary context. We also have other speakers from among us who, perhaps ten times a year, bring us our message.

DSC_1085We seek to nurture one another in our faith journey and engage with our wider community in West New Plymouth through our: worship, meal fellowship, Bible engagement/prayer home groups, Dynamite Bay Sunday morning programme for young people, pastoral care/hospital visit ministry, food bank ministry, Bargain Basement second-hand clothing outlet, DBX youth programme, and Transit youth group.




Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

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